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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Samora - Masculine/Feminine - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2007
Back at Smashbox again, Bikini Shell stood by the lines to catch a glimpse of Samora's hot trends. Her styles were cute and the scarves she wore with her Fall Collection gave me great ideas for the upcoming season. More to come....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kushcush - the love collection / Kitten Fashion Week Fall 2007
Well kickin off fashion week for us all was Kerry Cushman's super fab show at the Standard Hotel in the Financial District of Los Angeles. All was great and her bikini's with matching dress coats in Fall Blends and Colors were too cute for words. The scene was nightly and lively with people gathering after wards at Trifecta. It was also great to meet Mike who helped produce it all, and super sweet to give myself and DJ Jsun "in's" to the rooftop.

My fav suit was the frilly sweater two piece in beige. Could I swim in that??

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kushcush 2007 Fall Runway Presentation - Stay Posted
Hey ya' ya'll. !!! Bikini Shell's going to be at Kerry Cushman's Fall Presentation this weekend. For those of you who caught her retro style gear in October at the Smashbox Studios, well I'm sure you'll be excited to see what she has in store for us for the Fall. Let's hope it's not freezin''.. ha ha

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ashley Paige - Looks / Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2007
Another glorious day in LA and just in time for Ashley Paige's show at Smashbox Studios.

Not much else to say but the suits were glam, along with the HOT THIGH HIGH stillettos almost all her models were wearing. Super Cool!!! I definitely need to get a pair of those.

Well Ashley's show definitely deserved a lot of attention and there were tons of people there. Lucky for us - we got to hub a bit while standing in line with some of Ashley's locals and confidantes to let us know where the After Party was at. That was nice,

And guess what one of them was wearing. That cool Brown and White Bandana on his head folded over and all from last years collection. Of course, it caught my attention.

Well, Ashley's suits are definitely inspiring and makes me want to travel... A LOT

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Elsie Katz Couture -COQUETTE CROISETTE / Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2007
Thank God for Valet Parking or else we probably would not have gotten the seats that we did at the Elsie Katz Couture show at Smashbox Studios Wed night.

First of all, sitting Front Row - Center, Our Celebrity Sighting goes to Jeri Ryan from the Primetime show "Shark", She is so great,

The Second, goes to one of the America's Next Top Model winners. I really apologize but right now I forget her name.... oh well, she was there. wearing a black and white striped sweater, ladida, She should have been wearing that sweater w/ some low cut blousy shorts. But I guess she made up for it with her big bouncy white duffel bag. She looked cool slinging it.

As soon as we walked in everyone was buzzing and the DJ played a good round of eclectic sounds to go with Elsie's collection. Which i thouroughly enjoyed.

Elsie had a few really good Endless Summer outfilts not to mention the sassy black beaded lace bikini worn with a satin tulip sleeved jacket. Very cool.

I'll post the pics as soon as i can.

Anyway, The show went really nicely and it was great to see Donna Baxter from Elsie, smiles and all, at the end.

more to come....

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