Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anne Gorke Stays True To Her Too Cool for Cruel Motto

July 12, 2014- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, BERLIN : ANNE GORKE SS 2015 : Weimar is the cradle of Bauhaus, and while its principles were first applied to architecture, fashion designers, namely Anne Gorke, have taken those fundamental designs and made them relevant on the runway. Gorke’s green fashion was on display at Berlin Fashion Week with an emphasis on her knack for almost fooling the eye’s ability to decide where form meets function. Well-known for her responsible approach to environmental issues and meeting the needs of a society in constant flux, Gorke’s line consists of the most eco-friendly materials available to demonstrate how “going green” doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

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Charles Lavers, writer, traveler, art enthusiast, and animal lover, is currently living in Galera, Andalucia, Spain. And soon to be spotted in the midst of Spain Fashion Week.

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