Thursday, December 09, 2010

L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios, Hollywood CA October 15, 2010 DAY ONE - Spring Summer 2011

Another year at Sunset Gower Studios with Mikey Koffman of The Gallery. This year they brought us something special with an EXCLUSIVE eve committed to swimwear. What a treat to follow this night with a great lineup that includes A. Che, teeki, and Kooey from Australia. The night was young with excitement thru the tent. Displays were presented by Jewelry Designers Wishcraft and Morning Glory, T- Shirt Designs by Natures Mistake, and Eyewear by Singer Performer C. Millian. With Regulars to the scene like FNL’s host Rocco dashing to their seats the show was about to begin.

A.Che SS 2011- Los Angeles
A.Che was truly a travel warp to the Sahara Desert bringing us harem love with glitter safari headwraps in Plums, Purple Hazes, and Turquoise Marines leaving us to want an eternal relationship in the two piece all white with headwrap suit. Local girl Amanda Che gave a spectacular reception.

teeki SS 2011- Los Angeles
Opening and closing the show for teeki was a bright and sensational mini model in an adorable two piece banana suit. Ready for summer school I’m sure, the mixed and matched pieces were fun loving separates in stripes, polka dots and neutrals. Leading the way to a dorm raid and a night out in meshed out mixed matched gear.

Save your recycled water bottles and have Lindsay Hemric designer of teeki make you the best teeni bikini you ever had. And if you’re not convinced then check out the show for yourself at : click on PRESS AND FASHION … you’ll be happy you did.

KOOEY Australia SS 2011 - Los Angeles
Sweet delightful Kooey gets the call out with tribal drums and dub tribe prints transitioning into delicate lines and bold colors. Kooey creates matching mens and womens ensembles for the ultra tourist lounging by the poolside in keen blue and orange geometrics and tunics. Bringing a dash of resort wear in his and hers long soft cotton robes and tight fitting Bermuda shorts. Sexy for the weekend.

Supporting swimwear line A.Che that evening was celebrity Joanna Krupa from Dancing with the Stars and Model for Beach Bunny Swimwear and now currently A.Che . Naturally the Celebrity Sighting goes to her.

More photos can be viewed at!/album.php?aid=41481&id=140026299381231

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