Sunday, December 12, 2010

L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios - DAY TWO pt. 1

Ready for the new day, everyone was in position, bar, Red Carpet, celebs, and media. Bikini Shell was there of course walking thru two new Bikini Shell models to get a moment of Red Carpet love. Beginning the day in Fashion was an intro from the Green Youth Movement and Making A Difference. You can learn more about this group of young ladies at :

Kristinet was a clear combination of eco simplicity to the new age. Eco fabulous organic fabrics in earthy pastel hues and clay. Jeannie pants, Black shorts with ruffled straps and a simple form fitting Eco Black Dress. What more could be perfect for the casual summer lunch date.

Kristina Lenss brings us a classy feminine style to your wardrobe. Don’t be surprised if you see the future princess Kate Middleton in one of her ensembles any time soon.

With production and fabrics from Cambodia brings us an earth friendly collection by KeoKjay. Cool cotton dresses, and jumpsuits in simple friendly eco fabrics that can easily transition from summer eve to fall day in most southern states. Hammock grays and matte reds make Designer Rachel Faller’s Back to the Bermuda’s Collection a true dream come true for her.

More on the collection visit:

Jonano makes a great JC Penny brand, a clever addition to bringing eco awareness and styles to every type of woman. Nice linens creating nice skirt and dress patterns and more up to date sexy one shoulder tunics. All around flare bottoms and hoodies yoga wear in soft black with electric blue bandeaus and all around yellow boy shorts for peek-a-boo fashion make this a Bikini Shell find. Check out the spotted dye cottons in tunics and leggings as well at their website. Very cute.

Ah yes, remember the blousy short. Well here it is again and on another super leggy model. Flowery prints with the essence of a Matisse interior setting sipping tea all alone or with a friend. The collection brings night and day into one occasion with camisole dresses and luxurious leggings. More from the collection at the website:

View more photos of Day 2 pt here

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